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Hailing from the Northern Neck of Virginia, White Stone Oyster Farm is structured to keep their oysters in constant motion. This continuous tumbling stunts bill growth, resulting in a deep and polished shell. This is a world class oyster in terms of halfshell presentation, consistency, meat quality, and flavor.
This week's Oyster Report includes these beautiful bivalves and other local oysters. Contact us for a complete list of available oysters.
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Seafood Market Update    (updated 8/16/2017)
SALMON- Chilean prices have finally hit bottom while the Canadian’s have dropped their prices a little. European prices remain high.
SWORDFISH- Prices edged up this week but still a good deal. Beware some of the catch that may be out there in the marketplace. Ours is direct to us from Costa Rica and is delightful!
TUNA- The 40-50# cold water yellowfins we are getting from Canada have been beautiful and the price is still acceptable considering the quality. With our larger fish which just arrived from Costa Rica, prices are up but these fish are perfect!
LOBSTERS- The hard-shell market continues to rise but as some of the demand switches to the new shells we might see some relief in the near future.
HALIBUT- Every August the Magdalen Islands fisherman venture out on very short day trips for halibut. Their close proximity to the fishing grounds means they are rarely out for more than 12 hours so they bring in the freshest halibut we will see all year. The fish are trucked from Quebec straight to us at Metro. This stuff is gorgeous!
CRABMEAT- Venezuelan crabmeat is still trickling in and has to end soon. Domestic crab is steady but prices remain high. Pasteurized still is high due to worldwide demand and limited supply.
WILD SALMON- The sockeye run is over and we have now converted to Coho. They should carry us into October. Coho salmon is considered one of the finest tasting salmon there is.
ROCKFISH- Still out of Massachusetts and they are big, 20-40# each. We’ll start seeing the local product mid-September.
SNAPPER AND GROUPER- Snapper really tightened up this week on big fish and the grouper supply improved and prices remained steady.
MAKO SHARK- Plenty of it still coming out of Canada.
RAINBOW TROUT- Supply is down nationwide. Farms have seen drops of 30-40% this year.

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