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Traceability is key to a sustainable seafood industry and Metropolitan is proud to announce its most recent partner to support that cause. "Chefs Trading" is changing the way seafood is sourced and shipped. Their vetted network of fisheries offer us the opportunity to receive fish direct from the source. Each shipment comes tagged with QR Codes that allow us to see where and by whom the fish was caught, thereby putting our stamp of quality on every delivery. Also, flown directly to BWI Airport brings the fish to us several days earlier than other vendors. We are starting the program with Tuna and Swordfish, so try it today and you will see the difference!
Seafood Market Update    (updated 5/24/2017)
ROCKFISH- Wild Rock is out until the season reopens June 1st. Plenty of good-sized farm raised available.
SALMON- Chilean Salmon is the ticket for the weekend. See the Seafood Specials list for details on 2-3’s and 3-4’s.
WILD KING SALMON- Prices remain high as we head into the season.
HALIBUT- Alaskan Halibut is in prime shape. Great price – great quality.
TUNA- Prices remaining up for the holiday weekend. Should see price drops next week.
SWORDFISH- Another ‘best bet’ for the Memorial Day weekend.
CRABMEAT- As water temperature has increased as of late, the Venezuelan fresh Crabs have all but disappeared. The market is climbing due to lack of supply. Fresh North Carolina Crabs are available, but costly.
SOFT SHELL CRABS- The supply has slowed down due to the cool weather. Should pick up once the weather warms. No guarantee on supply.
LOBSTERS- Supply remains tight but prices have dropped. Canadian tails are also hard to find. We have 4-5’s.

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