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Feature of the Week July 17, 2019

As Fresh As It Can Get
"Some of the Best in the World" is what is being said about the Yellowfin Tuna coming out of Costa Rica right now and that is what you will find included on this week's Seafood Specials. Metropolitan receives tuna (along with sword and mahi) directly from the producers, days ahead of other vendors. With that, we also receive specific traceability information on the fish all the way down to the name of the ship's Captain and exactly where and by what method the fish was caught.

Let Metropolitan be your source for quality seafood week-in, week-out.
Always fresh - always available - always delicious.

SALMON-All markets remained stable this week but it looks like Faroe Island and Scottish production has slowed down. Those prices will be heading up for next week.

TUNA-Tuna prices have remained low again this week. The market is flooded with tuna and the prices for the weekend are the lowest we have seen for high grade Yellowfins in a while. We have brand new Tunas direct to us from Costa Rica.

SWORD-Prices are still all over the place but we got lucky and the tuna boats in Costa Rica caught just enough Swords to cover our needs for the weekend and we are below the market with very high quality fish.

HALIBUT-The Canadian catch really slowed down at the beginning of the week so prices jumped pretty fast. We are in good shape for the weekend on 10-50# day boat fish direct from Nova Scotia and prices are still decent.

ROCKFISH-The Massachusetts fisherman caught a few but not enough to really drop the market. We have plenty of 20-40# fish for the weekend. Local fisherman are starting to slow down right now due to the heat.

MAHI-Prices are still extreme but the market will be dropping a little for next week. Catches are improving in Central America so we will see some relief.

LOBSTERS-The hard shell market remains strong and prices are still creeping up but there are some new shells starting to be offered so this should put the brakes on the price increases.

There are some larger sized frozen Canadian tails starting to be offered but prices are crazy.

CRABMEAT-Production in Venezuela has really slowed down now and their conservation period could start any day. We should be able to squeeze 2-3 more weeks from the suppliers. Fresh Mexican meat is now available so this will fill some of the void once the Venezuelan meat is no longer available. North Carolina production has been steady.

WILD SOCKEYE SALMON-Prices held for this week but we will see a drop after the weekend.

SNAPPER-Mexico is still experiencing good fishing and prices are down for this weekend. We have plenty of American Reds in the 6-10# range for large fillets and also 1-2# whole fish.

GROUPER-Prices jumped a little this week but still reasonable. We are offering 10-20# black and red grouper from Mexico.

MAKO-Plenty of Canadian fish available - and for a fish that taste this good you can’t beat the value.

BEST BETS-Monkfish fillets, local wild Blue Cat fillet and TUNA!!!

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