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Swordfish has a mildly sweet flavor and a moist, meaty texture with moderately high fat content. The flesh can range from white or ivory to pink or orange. The color variations do not reflect quality. All Swordfish turn beige in color after cooking.
This week's seafood specials feature large Swordfish loins cut from 50# - 99# fish that come to us direct from our exclusive source in Costa Rica, along with several other terrific fresh fish & seafood cuts for your maritime menu.

Let METROPOLITAN be your source for quality seafood week-in, week-out. Always fresh, always available, always delicious.

Seafood Market Update    (updated 3/21/2018)
SALMON-Chilean prices have remained stable for this week but we could see a slight rise in price next week as demand increases. Canadian prices remain high due to the weather. Scottish and Faroe prices are still up due to demand and bad weather conditions.
TUNA-Prices are down across the board and Costa Rica has been producing some beautiful fish this week. We have direct shipments arriving every day this week from Costa Rica. There has been very little domestic production this week due to the high winds so albacore have been scarce.
SWORD-We are seeing some really nice swords with our tuna shipments from Costa Rica. Prices are down a little from last week.
MAHI-Prices continue to rise as the catch has been falling off for the last couple of weeks.
ROCKFISH-Hardly any local production due to the wind and prices are way up. We had a few local fish show up last night and some New York fish due in tomorrow. There are plenty of jumbo farm raised rockfish in house in case we run short.
HALIBUT-Zero Canadian or USA production this week due to weather. We have a couple of big fish due in tomorrow from Norway but that could be it until next week.
LOBSTERS-We are at all-time highs on lobsters right now with no relief insight until some new areas open up and we get some decent weather.
CRABMEAT-Production in Venezuela slowed down this week and prices are going up fast.
SNAPPER AND GROUPER-We had another shot of 4-10# American reds show up from Louisiana this week. Seeing outrageous quotes for whole imported grouper this week.
WEATHER-With our fourth Nor'easter in 2 weeks the weather is really going to affect supplies and prices on all northern species for the remainder of the week.

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