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Feature of the Week October 9, 2019

 Wild North Atlantic Salmon is no longer fished commercially so everything marked "North Atlantic Salmon" is farmed. To that end, in every region of the world where salmon is farmed, the base of what it is fed it is indigenous to the area, accounting for their own "merrior" (taste and texture). Below is a brief guide to some of the Atlantic Salmon offered by Metro to help you determine what is best for your application:
Ranked #1 in Chile for sustainability, Camanchaca is the largest aquaculture company in the world. Camanchaca Salmon are naturally raised in the deep glacial waters of Chile. Camanchaca Salmon Farm is HACCP/FDA and ASC certified, GMO Free, Kosher, and BAP-4 Star certified. Metropolitan is proud to partner with Camanchaca because of their high quality products, commitment to the local and global community and its vertically integrated system.
Raised in the cold, clear waters of the Gulf of Maine, True North Salmon is sustainably harvested and delivered fresh 52 weeks of the year – you can rest easy knowing that you are receiving our highest quality fish with incredible freshness every time. True North Salmon is fully integrated with 4-star BAP certification, allowing for complete traceability from egg to plate. Hormone and antibiotics free.
From the crystal-clear waters of Scotland come some of the finest Atlantic salmon in the world. HIGHLAND BLUE SALMON are always sashimi grade and have been hand selected and hand filleted to ensure that each whole fish and fillet meets exacting quality standards. The Scottish salmon farming industry is the most strictly regulated aquaculture industry in the world, All salmon sold under the Highland Blue label are RSPCA Assured certified (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). RSPCA Assured is a well-established and respected program that ensures healthy and humane conditions for farm animals. All natural.

Let Metropolitan be your source for quality seafood week-in, week-out. Always fresh - always available - always delicious.
SALMON-The Chileans are trying to beat the Norwegians to the bottom of this market. Next week we will see prices lower than they have been in years for Chilean salmon fillet. Canada is being stubborn and trying to hold prices but they should have to adjust soon. Faroe and Scottish prices are also down.
TUNA-Suppliers are trying to drive prices up but there are just too many fish on the market this week. We will have great pricing on fish thru the weekend but look for prices to head up next week.
SWORD-We are still sourcing out of Canada but fishing has slowed due to poor weather conditions and an unfavorable moon phase so prices are up but still a deal for the quality of fish.
MAHI-Prices are down a little for the weekend but it looks like we are heading into a market crash for next week. Plenty of fish hitting the docks and suppliers are starting to get backed up.
HALIBUT-Bad weather has really slowed down the fishing for the last 7 days and prices are up. We are still getting day boat 10/50’s from Quebec but supply has been a struggle all week.
ROCKFISH-With Massachusetts and New York producing we are now starting to see prices come down from record levels. Not cheap, but getting better. There are a few local fish around and they are starting to fatten up a little but for now we are sticking with the bigger fish from up north.
LOBSTERS-Prices are still crazy high for live lobsters but they actually held steady this week. The frozen tail and meat market is going to be ugly heading into the holidays.
OYSTERS-The Maryland and Virginia seasons are both open on the Chesapeake but so far the season has started out slow. We are seeing extreme pricing on all shucked product but shell oyster prices are stable for now.
SCALLOPS-Prices on U/10’s and larger are starting to go up but smaller sizes are still reasonable. A lot of the vessels have already caught up most of their quota so prices will continue to increase heading into the holidays.
SNAPPER AND GROUPER-American Red Snappers out of Mexico dropped for this week and the Grouper market remains steady.
WILD SALMON-It looks like the availability on wild King Salmon is just about over, we do have some fish for the weekend from the Columbia River. We are still seeing a few Sockeyes and Cohos being offered.
BEST BETS-Wahoo from Ecuador, Yellowfin Tuna from Costa Rica, local wild Blue Cat fillet, American Red Snappers from the Gulf of Mexico and Bluefish from Massachusetts.

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