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The Mako has a sweet taste with a dense, pinkish-white flesh and meaty firm texture similar to swordfish. Low in fat and moderately-strong in flavor, some steaks and fillets contain darker sections of reddish meat that have a more pronounced flavor.

Seafood Market Update    (updated 6/28/2017)
SALMON- Chilean and Canadian prices continue to trickle down as Chile has finally caught up from the losses during the algae bloom last spring. Prices should continue to drop but slowly. European suppliers stayed the same this week.
SWORDFISH-Great deals on imported fish from Costa Rica and the quality is top notch. Take advantage of the price on the weekend special. These fish are nice!
ROCKFISH- We have some relief on supply since the Massachusetts season opened this week but do not get too excited. Here are the rules. The fisherman are allowed to fish 2 days a week and are only allowed 15 fish per angler. This will keep the season opened longer but supply and price will be an issue. There are very few local fish available. For instance: one of our suppliers let 2 of his pound nets sit for 5 days, he had 87# of rock out of the 2 nets. As the Chesapeake continues to warm up the nets will be less effective as the fish go deep for cooler temps.
TUNA- We have North Carolina absolutely crushing the Yellowfins right now but most of the fish are in the 35-50 pound range however, the prices are way down. On the other hand high quality 2+’s and #1’s went up a little for this week. We also have plenty of Albacore from the northern canyons available at a great price.
MAKO- As the swords and tuna migrate north the Mako shark follows and munches. Plenty of Mako hitting the docks right now as they feast on the long liners tuna and sword that are hanging on the hooks.
WILD SOCKEYES- Price bumped up slightly for the weekend as the demand grew as the prices dropped last week. We are still getting our fish out of Kodiak.
HALIBUT- They took a pretty big hike in price this week but are still reasonable.
LOBSTERS- Some movement up and down depending on the size but staying steady overall.
SNAPPER AND GROUPER- The snapper supply really tightened up this week but we will have a few fish for Friday. Still plenty of grouper around.
CRABMEAT- Venezuelan prices continue to rise for Jumbo Lump but the fresh lump remains inexpensive. Let us hope that there are plenty of crabs along the East and Gulf coasts or this market could get real ugly and fast.

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