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Hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters have recently limited the supply of Atlantic salmon from the rich waters of Chile. Fortunately, the market is leveling off and we are seeing some relief on both supply and pricing.
Don't be deterred by reports of over-fishing or lack of sustainability of salmon coming from Chile, the product supplied by METROPOLITAN is rated as a "Good Alternative" by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program. The Seafood Watch standards consist of guiding principles, science-based criteria and a robust scoring methodology. The program regularly updates them with the help of fisheries and aquaculture experts to ensure they incorporate the latest science and understanding of sustainability. They play a critical role in helping create an assessment of a fishery or aquaculture operation, which in turn shapes the seafood recommendations.
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Seafood Market Update    (updated 10/18/2017)
SALMON-The Chilean and Canadian markets continue to drop along with the Norwegian market. Scottish and Faroe markets remained stable this week.
TUNA-The glut is still on but we could see higher prices towards the end of next week as everyone cleans up on their inventories. We still have domestic production coming out of the Carolinas along with some albacore from the Northeast canyons.
SWORD-Plenty of fish hitting the docks from the Northeast canyons and the amount of imports showing up are keeping prices down for the weekend.
MAHI-Prices are still reasonable considering where they were 2 weeks ago but one little lull in the supply line and we could see prices jump right back up.
HALIBUT-We are just waiting for the first cold blast to hit eastern Canada and prices will go up. But for the time being the good weather has allowed a steady supply with decent prices.
MAKO-Still plenty and getting cheaper.
CRABMEAT-The Venezuelans are back at it and we will have fresh product in here on Friday. Look for domestic prices to hold due to limited production in North Carolina and Louisiana but Venezuelan prices will probably drop by the end of next week as long as they are catching crabs down there. Pasteurized prices are still crazy.
LOBSTERS-It looks like hard shell prices are dropping a little for next week due to good fishing and a drop in demand. Lobster tail production is picking up some but still not where it should be. Hopefully the processors will start getting some inventory built up before winter hits.
WILD SALMON-Still a few fish around from Washington but it is slowing down fast.
COD-Alaskan cod quotas have been slashed due to what biologists are calling “The Blob”. This is a pocket of warm water in the Gulf of Alaska that has affected the growth and has caused a high rate of mortality in young cod for the last few years. We will see a steady rise in cod prices over the next few months as the quotas get cut.
SNAPPER AND GROUPER-Snapper production was in full swing last week but has really slowed down for this weekend but prices are still reasonable. The grouper supply has remained steady and prices are stable.

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