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Seafood Market Update    (updated 3/15/2017)
SALMON-Chilean prices are rising slowly due to an increase in demand and the Canadian market has been stable this week. Norwegian prices are on the same level as Canadian fish with Scottish and Faroe Islands a notch higher.
HALIBUT-The storm forced the boats in and the off-loads were pretty good. Prices are down for the weekend but should be heading higher next week.
CRABMEAT-Even knowing they are the only game in town and pasteurized prices are on the way up, the Venezuelans continue to drop prices. Take advantage!
TUNA-We have high grade #1’s arriving from the Southern Caribbean and some smaller 2+ Yellowfins due in from Florida for the weekend. Also, Albacore and Mako from a vessel that landed in North Carolina arrived this morning.
SWORDFISH-Production is way down for this week but hoping to see some imported fish arrive on Monday after the full moon. Prices will remain high. Our swords for the weekend will be 1 night fish from Florida.
MAHI MAHI-You heard us mention the full moon on the Sword update (above) so of course Mahi supply is also limited and prices are up.
ROCKFISH-We all witnessed the weather this week on the Chesapeake so it’s not good news for the rockfish supply. We have a few fish in house for the weekend and will have Farm Raised fish as a backup.
SNAPPER AND GROUPER-Plenty of Snapper around from the Caribbean but the Grouper supply this week is very limited.
POLLOCK, HADDOCK AND MONKFISH-Plenty of Pollock were landed right before the storm so prices edged up slightly but Haddock and Monk are few and far between.

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