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Feature of the Week January 16, 2019

One of the great success stories of modern aquaculture, Atlantic salmon farming first emerged on a commercial scale in the early 1980's, with Norway leading the way. Since that time, global production has increased tremendously, and Atlantic salmon are farmed in more than a dozen countries around the world — most notably, Latin America, Europe and North America. Atlantic salmon lack the many common and regional names of the wild Pacific salmons, but countries that farm the fish tack on their national label: Scottish salmon, Norwegian salmon, etc. The fish are typically raised in large, floating net-pens, often in open bays, to help give them a “natural” flavor. The adult Atlantic salmon is a handsome, silver-skinned fish with distinct black cross-like spots over the body and head and above the lateral line. It closely resembles the Pacific coho.
Metropolitan is proud to offer a variety of Atlantic Salmon from Chile, Canada and Europe and sold whole, portioned, skin-on, skin-off, boned or de-boned.
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SALMON-We tried to hold them back but Chilean prices are on the way up. We will be nickeled and dimed until Easter. Canadian prices remain flat this week and Norway, Scotland and Faroe prices have been taking mad swings the last couple of weeks but that is mostly due to weather and harvesting issues.
TUNA-There have been a few fish from Hawaii and the Maldives showing up but definitely no enough to go around. Prices remain crazy if you can even get them.
SWORD-Imported fish absolute zero. We do have a boat being unloaded in South Carolina today and hoping that the fish arrive by Thursday night for Friday business.
HALIBUT-The weather in Nova Scotia was decent for a few days so we had a pretty good price drop on halibut for the weekend. We have a decent shot of 10-50# day boat fish arriving tonight.
LOBSTERS-Maine fishing has been good and demand is down so we are trying to get our prices down out of Nova Scotia. Hopefully this will even out by next week.
ROCKFISH-Local fishing has been good and prices have finally started to drop. Not a great deal yet but better than last week. We have plenty of local fish from 5-12# arriving tonight.
MAHI-Fishing is picking up again and prices are dropping for now but we do have a full moon on Monday night. This could drive prices right back up for the end of next week if the fishing slows.
CRABMEAT-The demand has slowed down this week and prices are dropping a little from Venezuela for the weekend.
SNAPPER-Maybe next week.

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