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Feature of the Week June 13, 2018


There’s not one thing that makes Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon different—there are many. Deep color. Silken texture. Rich flavor. Salmon harvested from the Gulf of Alaska store extra fat in order to sustain their 1,000 mile, upriver journey to the stream where they were born.
According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) this year's harvest of wild Pacific salmon is the lowest in 50 years. Regardless of how long the Sockeye will remain on the market, this beautiful deep-red salmon is some of the finest in the world.
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SALMON-Price continue to drop across the board. The Chilean market is taking a steep drop for next week. Canadian prices are coming down a little slower. Faroe’s and Scottish prices are taking longer to drop as usual.
SWORD-We saw a big drop in prices from Ecuador and Costa Rica on Monday so we have great prices for the weekend.
TUNA-Prices are coming down some for the weekend as production improves in Costa Rica and Ecuador. Higher grade #1’s are still coming from the southern Caribbean.
HALIBUT-Prices are starting to come down but not in time for this week. We have both east coast fish and Alaskan fish in house for the weekend. We should see lower prices next week.
ROCKFISH-Same as last week. Just enough local 5-8# fish to go around so the price is holding. Larger fish dropped some but they are still very pricey.
CRABMEAT-Venezuela production is still rolling right along and prices are down again for the weekend.
LOBSTERS-The prices dropped, everyone started eating them. With the increase in demand prices are heading back up, but slowly.
WILD SALMON-Sockeye prices are still high but we do have a small shipment arriving from Kodiak, Alaska for the weekend.
MAHI-We are still getting a great deal on fish from Guatemala so we will be well below the market for this weekend again.
SNAPPER AND GROUPER-Caribbean Red Snapper production is still rolling and prices are reasonable. Still enough Mexican and Brazilian Grouper to go around to keep prices stable.
Wild Blue Cat fillets and Monkfish fillets are still rolling strong.

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