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The holiday feast dates back to November 1621, when the newly arrived Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians gathered at Plymouth for an autumn harvest celebration, an event regarded as America’s “first Thanksgiving.” But what was really on the menu at the famous banquet?
Culinary historians believe that much of the original Thanksgiving meal consisted of seafood. Mussels in particular were abundant in New England and could be easily harvested because they clung to rocks along the shoreline. The colonists occasionally served mussels with curds, a dairy product with a similar consistency to cottage cheese. Lobster, bass, clams and oysters are also believed to have been part of the "first" feast.
No matter how you celebrate the holiday, let METROPOLITAN be your source for quality seafood week-in, week-out. Always fresh, always available, always delicious. 

Seafood Market Update    (updated 11/22/2017)
SALMON-Chilean prices increased slightly for next week but the Canadian prices remain stable. European prices did not change for next week.
TUNA-The supply has been steady and due to the holiday prices dropped. Same deal as the last 3 weeks with Bigeyes out of North Carolina and high grade Yellowfins direct from Costa Rica.
SWORDFISH- A lot of local fish hit the docks ahead of the holiday. With a bunch of imported fish also arriving and demand down for this week prices have tanked. Our fish is direct from Costa Rica for this weekend.
HALIBUT- The Canadian catch picked up a little this week but with little competition, prices remain high but the fish have been nice. There are plenty of farm raised fish starting to hit the market from Norway and they are really expensive but they will fill the void if the wild fish disappear.
ROCKFISH-The high winds this week disrupted fishing but with the low demand this week prices remained the same.
LOBSTERS-Hard-shell prices jumped last week and our next shipment from Nova Scotia was delayed due to the holiday. Regardless, we could see some relief in prices by the end of next week. We have been running to fill orders but should be fine for the weekend.
MAHI-Prices continue to drop and are down again for the weekend.
ALBACORE-Still running strong despite the high winds and the price is right.
MAKO-We have brand-new fish arriving from North Carolina for the weekend.
CRABMEAT-Venezuelan prices have stabilized for the time being but who knows what will happen next week when they get backed up due to the holiday. Domestic production is extremely limited.
SNAPPER AND GROUPER-Still plenty of both arriving daily from Mexico.

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