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Feature of the Week November 14, 2018


Fresh crabmeat from Venezuela received some questionable press earlier in the year. To always be better safe than sorry, Metropolitan has opted to supply only fresh crabmeat coming from Venezuela that has been put through what is known as High Hydrostatic Pressure Processing (HPP). The FDA-Evaluated HPP technology eradicates pathogens and organisms. This technology guarantees the crabmeat’s safety and it is non-invasive, meaning the product preserves its appearance, taste, and texture along with all the nutrients and vitamins naturally found in seafood.
Let Metropolitan be your source for quality seafood week-in, week-out. 
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SALMON-All markets remain flat this week with very little in the way of price changes.
TUNA-The market tried to move up at the beginning of the week but due to lack of demand the prices are dropping back to where they were last week.
SWORD-We have one-night buoy fish from the Florida Straits arriving tonight. They are not the biggest fish, most are 50-65# H/G, but they will be the freshest we have seen in a while and prices are down for the weekend. These fish are caught on single-hook buoy rigs set at certain depths that the swords frequent and the buoys have lights on them. When the buoy starts to move then the battle is on. These fish are then fought by hand to the vessel just like old school fishing.
HALIBUT-We are seeing some relief in prices due to Canada and Norway both producing fish at the same time. The supply is improving so we could see better pricing for next week.
MAHI-Prices are still at rock bottom.
ROCKFISH-With the New York season winding down we are relying solely on the Chesapeake for fish. There has been enough to go around in the 3-8# range but the larger fish are getting scarce.
LOBSTERS-Prices have dropped a little and as long as the weather cooperates we could see that trend continue.
SCALLOPS-Prices on U/10 and larger continue to rise weekly as the vessels are getting short on fishing days allowed.
SNAPPERS-Mexico is still producing plenty of reds in the 4-10# range and prices are still reasonable for one of the best tasting fish in the water.
CRABMEAT-Louisiana and North Carolina are really slowing down so we will soon be looking to Venezuela only for our fresh supply. Prices are dropping daily on the Venezuelan product.
ALSO IN HOUSE-Golden Tile from Virginia, Mako from North Carolina, Pompano from Florida and some wild Coho from Alaska.
BEST BETS-          Mahi
                             Wild Blue Cat Fillet

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