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Feature of the Week March 20, 2019

The rockfish has been called the aquatic equivalent to the American bald eagle. In 1608, Captain John Smith reported seeing the Chesapeake Bay so teeming with them that a man could walk on their backs to dry land. Rockfish, also known as striped bass, sustained the early pilgrims through many harsh winters after their arrival in the new world. Dubbed the nation’s first protein factory, the Chesapeake Bay is the spawning ground and primary nursery for young stripers before they venture to the deeper waters of the Atlantic in search of nourishment.
Big stripers are solitary hunters most active in twilight hours. Smaller rockfish travel in schools for their own protection. A rockfish has a long memory - they’re born in the brackish water of the bay and summer in New England. But with each spring, they return to the bay to the place they were born to reproduce.
To feast on local Rock is to experience the history of our region.

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SALMON-Chilean prices continue to rise as the demand increases. Canadian prices should start to come back down in a week or two if the weather improves on both coasts. Norwegian, Faroe and Scottish prices are all up this week due to the increase in demand.
TUNA-Supply out of Costa Rica has been decent on big Yellowfins but not enough to drop prices.
SWORD-Prices are sky-high right now while most of the boats are fishing thru the full moon. We should see some relief towards the end of next week as long as the bite stays on during this full moon phase.
MAHI-Bad fishing the week before this moon and now we are right at the peak of the full moon with very few fish hitting the decks. Prices are crazy.
HALIBUT-The West Coast season is now open so prices are dropping fast for this week. Next week should be even better. We are still buying East Coast Canadian fish at this time.
LOBSTERS-Finally seeing prices start to drop as more areas begin to thaw out and fishing improves.
SNAPPERS-Prices are up a little this week as fishing slowed in the southern Caribbean but with most of the Mexican fleet focused on Snapper due to the Grouper season being closed there are still enough fish to go around.
ROCKFISH-The market is flooded with the jumbo Rock and prices are way down for the weekend. The big fish, 15-40#, are actually less money than the 5-8# fish right now. Take advantage of this while you can because as soon as the fish hit the Maryland state line, they are off limits.
CRABMEAT-We are starting to see Venezuelan prices go up due to the civil unrest in that country. Processors are running into major issues with power outages and just getting the product to Miami. We do have fresh Venezuelan for the weekend but not sure what next week will bring.
BEST BETS- Local giant Rockfish fillets, local wild Blue Catfish fillets and Canadian Halibut fillet.

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