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Feature of the Week October 17, 2018


The most frustrating part of wild salmon season is that it ultimately comes to an end. Metropolitan is proud to announce we now have a solution that is economic, delicious and sustainable - frozen Wild Salmon, direct from the Pacific Northwest.
Cannon Fish from Seattle is a subsidiary of the Aleutian Pribilof Island Community Development Association (APICDA) which is a non-profit corporation dedicated to developing local economies in six rural Alaska villages. It's MSC Certified domestic fish and has remarkable quality. Each portion is hand-trimmed and individually vacuum sealed.
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SALMON-The Chilean supply remains strong and we will see a slight drop in prices in a week or so. Canada is still threatening to increase price but with demand down they are still holding off. Faroe Island production is improving and Scottish prices actually dropped a little this week.
TUNA-GONE!!! Bad weather in Costa Rica has really hurt the supply this week and fish are scarce! We expect to have enough fish to make it through the weekend, but get ready for sticker shock next week.
SWORD-We are in decent shape for the weekend but prices are heading up fast and supply will be extremely limited for next week.
HALIBUT-Fall weather is here and the wind has been blowing in Canada since last week. Supply is spotty and prices remain high.
ROCKFISH-They slammed the fish in Cape Cod last week but it still was not enough to crash the market. Prices did come down some but still very high for this time of year. Local production is improving but at a very slow pace.
LOBSTERS-Hard shell prices are dropping and we had new areas open up this week in Canada so we will see better prices for next week. Hopefully prices will continue to drop with more product hitting the docks.
MAHI-We thought the market was heading up at the end of last week but it did a 180 as fishing kept improving. It is our best deal of the week and will continue into next week.
SNAPPER-We have more 8-12# American reds arriving from Mexico but prices are up slightly due to the Southern Caribbean production slowing down this week.
GROUPER-Steady as she goes with decent fishing in Mexico keeping prices reasonable.
CRABMEAT-Both Carolina and Louisiana are producing better than last week. Prices did not drop much but there is plenty of fresh product to go around for the weekend.
WILD SALMON-The wild Coho run was a dud and fish have disappeared almost completely. We might see a few here and there in the next few weeks but nothing steady.
BEST BETS-Mahi from Ecuador, local wild Blue Cat fillet, golden Tile from Texas, domestic fresh Crabmeat and Monkfish from New England.

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