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Feature of the Week May 8, 2019

Soft Shell Crabs Are Back in Town
Some call them "seafood in it's most perfect state," soft shell crabs are back in season and arriving fresh daily. Delicious as ever and versatile in their application, soft shell crabs are available in various sizes and are a terrific way to welcome Spring!

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SALMON- Chilean prices are remaining steady through the weekend, as are the Canadians. The Norwegians are starting to drop a little, so we should see that ripple through the entire market in the new couple weeks.

TUNA-The tuna market continues to be a delight. All of our Yellowfins come to us straight from Costa Rica – no middleman.

SWORD-Prices are stable for this weekend. The Swords are also direct to us from Costa Rica so the price and quality remain top-notch.

MAHI-We received some very nice day-boat Mahi from Ecuador for the weekend. Fresh!

HALIBUT-The supply has been steady and prices remain unchanged for this weekend. We have some beautiful fish here from Alaska.

LOBSTERS-Prices are remaining high through Mother’s Day. Look for a big drop after Mom gets hers. Frozen tails remain limited.

GOLDEN TILE-Just in from Brazil, this is a previously-frozen fillet similar to Grouper, sold skin-on, bone-out.

MONKFISH-With a face only a mother could love, we have some “beautiful” Monks here from New Jersey for mom.

ROCKFISH-We have plenty of big, wild fish available. The smaller, farmed Rock is still pretty limited.

CRABMEAT- The airport in Venezuela has reopened, but not soon enough to effect weekend prices. Look for a big drop next week.

SOFT SHELL CRAB- Straight from the Virginia shores, the soft-shell crabs are back! To ensure you get the freshest cleaned crabs, please allow a 48-hour delivery window. All sizes, a dozen per box.

BEST BETS- Wild Blue Cat from Maryland, Monkfish fillet, Tuna and Sword.

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