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Feature of the Week July 18, 2018


Wild Pacific salmon boast very high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D3, and relatively little omega-6 or saturated fats — attributes that make them an exceptionally healthful and sustainable high-protein food. The fat content of salmon is linked to the length of their fresh-water migration, because salmon stop feeding after they start upstream. While not as fatty as King Salmon, Sockeye features the strongest flavor and firmest texture, and cooks more quickly than the other wild salmon species.
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SALMON-All markets remain stable. Steady as she goes.
TUNA-Just enough high quality imported fish to go around but not enough to drop the market.
SWORD-Great price on sword for this weekend but prices are heading north next week.
MAHI-Still very limited and prices remain crazy.
HALIBUT-It looks like the market is heading up for next week so take advantage of the low price we have for this weekend.
ROCKFISH-Local production is basically zero but they did catch a lot of fish in Massachusetts at the beginning of the week so prices did drop some for the large ocean run fish.
CRABMEAT-We are still on hold with the fresh Venezuelan crabmeat and filling in with domestic meat but prices are high and the production is still slow.
WILD SOCKEYE SALMON-The catch improved this week in Alaska and prices came down a little more for the weekend. The fish are also getting larger.
LOBSTERS-The market stayed stable for this week.
PAICHE-Finally back in stock. Get it while you can.

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