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As many of you have heard, algae blooms in Chile are again affecting salmon harvest. Fortunately so far, fish mortality has been limited but the concentrations of several species of algae are causing concerns. The latest information we have from Chile is that the major bloom has eased a little bit and no significant mortalities were reported over the weekend. This does not mean that the threat is gone, just reduced. Producers are on alert watching for new occurrences. The total estimated losses from January until mid-February are estimated to have been a only couple thousand metric tons; however, the exact weights or quantities are not yet available so real losses have not yet been determined. The more major impact so far has been production delays caused by the need to reroute wellboats and unload them directly into processing plants. 
Algae blooms are natural phenomenon that are normally attributed to an accumulation of natural factors and conditions. Above average water temperatures, lack of wind and rain, and the presence of other algae blooms can trigger blooms so this data is closely monitored (see Arial space photo, center left). Storms in the area are expected for this week which should help to disperse the blooms and reduce water temperatures.
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Seafood Market Update    (updated 2/21/2018)
SALMON-With the threat of the algae bloom still lingering and an increase in demand for Lent, prices continue to rise in Chile. Canadian prices are stable this week but Faroe and Scottish prices are on the way up also due to demand.
TUNA-We have plenty of beautiful Yellowfins direct from Costa Rica and prices have held steady for the weekend. There are still a few domestic Albacores coming out of Florida.
SWORD-The supply in Costa Rica has dried up so we are back to the one night fish from Florida for the rest of this week. Prices are up a little.
ROCKFISH-Plenty of large fish hitting the docks from Maryland and Virginia and there are a few more fish in the 3-8# range also starting to show up. Problem is the season is getting ready to be shut down next week in Maryland but Virginia can continue to harvest until the end of March as long as they do not run out of tags. The supply will tighten up and just like every Spring we will see much higher prices.
MAHI-Prices are up a little for the weekend but still very reasonable. We have plenty of new 10-20# fish arriving from Panama tonight.
HALIBUT-Prices are dropping for the weekend as landings improve. We are still getting beautiful day boat fish direct from Nova Scotia 3 times a week in the 10-50# range.
CRABMEAT-It looks like we are back in business starting Monday. The Venezuelan Government has lifted the band on exporting food products so we will once again have fresh crabmeat starting on Monday.
SCALLOPS-Producers are trying to raise prices on U/10’s for next week but the smaller sizes should remain the same.
SHELLFISH-It seems like everything is almost back in order on hard shell clams since the deep freeze and the same with most oyster producers.
SNAPPER-The supply on domestic American Reds out of Louisiana has been steady for the last week and we will have more fish arriving tonight in the 4-10# range.
MAKO, FLUKE AND MONK-We have more Mako from Florida, Fluke from Virginia, and plenty of Monkfish from Massachusetts.

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