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Holidays are about celebration and celebrations call for lobster! Lobster tails are classic "surf & turf" pairing while offering a level of elegance to the plate presentation. Regardless of cooking method (broiling, steaming, grilling, etc.), keep in mind the important first step to perfect lobster tails is to separate the lobster meat from the shell, preventing the lobster meat from sticking to the shell when cooked.
We are fully stocked for the holidays. All sizes from 3-4's to 10-12's.
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Seafood Market Update    (updated 12/13/2017)
SALMON-Combine a Chilean Holiday and then a few cancelled flights out of Chile and you have a real mess. There were major shortages at the beginning of the week and everyone is trying to play catch up so prices are moving up a little. The Canadian prices remain the same for now. Norwegian prices jumped due to an increase in demand but the Scottish and Faroe prices have been stable.
TUNA-Our supplier in Costa Rica was having a hard time finding good fish this week so we grabbed our fish from Louisiana for the weekend. This will be our second load of the week out of there and the quality has been great and the prices are reasonable. These are all Yellowfins in the 50-60# class. Also we have some really nice Albacore being landed by the same fishing vessels.
SWORD-Our swords this week are from the Mid-Atlantic region and prices are down for the weekend. These are not the overnight fish we have been getting from Florida but the fish have been real nice.
HALIBUT-There have been a few Canadian fish showing up but not enough to drop the price this week. We got a great deal on some 10/50# fish from a direct shipper out of Canada and the fish arrived this morning well below the market so check out our price on the Special Sheet.
ROCKFISH-The supply tightened up last weekend and we all scrambled to grab what we could. Prices jumped but fishing improved on Monday and Tuesday so we got a great deal on brand new fish that just came from the mouth of the West River. Most of the fish are in the 5-8# range so you are looking at a 1.00-1.5# fillet. They do not get much fresher than this. They are listed on our Seafood Special for the weekend.
LOBSTERS-Prices on chix and quarters went up for this week but the larger sizes remained the same. We are still getting direct shipments from Canada and these are true hard shells. Not sure what is going to happen next week with the cold front and the Holidays approaching so we are in wait and see mode.
CRABMEAT-Flight issue out of Venezuela over the weekend caused some issues with supply at the beginning of the week but we are almost back on track for the weekend. Prices are on their way up and will probably stay higher through the holidays. Domestic, zero production. Pasteurized prices are coming down slowly.
MAHI-Prices are back down again for this weekend as the supply in Central America continues to be good.
BLACK SEA BASS-There is still some quota left on the books for this year so the fisherman are hitting it hard. Prices are really reasonable for the weekend. Our fish are out of Virginia and are grading out as jumbos. The fillets will be between 6 and 12 ounces.
SNAPPER-There are a lot of fish on the market this week and prices are down. We have plenty of 6-10# whole snappers in house for the weekend at a great price.
GROUPER-This market remains stable.

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