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Feature of the Week September11, 2019

Mahi-Mahi is a large, white-fleshed fish with firm meat that lends itself to grilling, searing and sauteing. Also known as "dorado", Mahi-Mahi is terrific for fish tacos, fish sliders, grilled with sweet and spicy salsa toppings (pictured left), or many other delicious applications.
Eating Mahi-Mahi also benefits your health. Each 3-ounce serving of the fish provides 20.2 grams of protein, which your body uses to maintain your tissues. Mahi Mahi is a source of complete protein, which means it contains all the essential amino acids you need to maintain your health.

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SALMON-Prices are holding for both the Chilean and Canadian markets. We do have a major Chilean holiday for the week of 9/23 so supplies could be an issue towards the end of that week. Faroe and Scottish prices remain stable.

TUNA-Most of the long-line fleets are out fishing thru the full moon so Tuna landings are scarce this week. Prices really spiked and there are very few fish available. We are sourcing Yellowfins from Trinidad for the weekend. Supplies should improve by the end of next week.

SWORD-We really thought prices would be higher for this weekend but there are enough short-trip Canadian fish available to keep the market somewhat reasonable. We have both Canadian and Costa Rican fish available for the weekend at decent prices.

HALIBUT-Dorian heading all the way up along the Canadian coast caused some supply issues so prices did go up a little. But it looks like they are back fishing now so we should see a drop for next week. Still very reasonable pricing for this weekend on 10-50# day-boats.

MAHI-Finally some relief in the Mahi market. There were strong landings in Central America and prices are down for the weekend. Enjoy the drop now because they will probably tighten right back up again next week due to the full moon.

SNAPPER-Bad weather has started to hurt landings in Mexico and landings have been limited this week. Prices remained stable but we could have supply issues next week.

GROUPER-We had a shipment of day-boat Reds and Blacks arrive yesterday from Mexico. All the fish are in the 10-20# range.

CRABMEAT-North Carolina got hit pretty hard from Dorian but they are back up and running again. Supplies are a little tight right now but we should have enough to get thru the weekend. We do have some fresh Columbian meat arriving but the supplies are very limited.

LOBSTERS-Hard shells out of Nova Scotia are still heading up so we are now sourcing from Maine. We received our second shipment today and these are straight up hard shells and the pricing is lower than the Canadian lobsters. Frozen tails and lobster meat are still extremely limited and prices are extreme.

WILD SALMON-Wild King Salmon from the Columbia River are actually less expensive than the few wild Sockeyes that are trickling in. We have plenty of 10-13# whole wild Kings yielding 3-4# fillets at a great price for the weekend.

BEST BETS-Wild King Salmon. Canadian Mako Shark and local wild Blue Catfish fillet.

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