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Atlantic Halibut from Norway delivers a delicate white meat and firm, juicy texture perfect for any dish. Because they feed voraciously on crabs, shrimp and other fish they build a complex flavor profile and excellent muscle tone. It is the perfect choice for special occasions as it goes well with a variety of ingredients and cooking styles. This fish is served in most high-end restaurants in Norway and UK and considered by many European Chefs to be highly prized.
One of the largest of the flat fishes, Atlantic halibut is now an established farmed variety of fish, ensuring a steady supply of fish throughout the year.
Thank you for allowing METROPOLITAN to be your source for quality seafood week-in, week-out. Always fresh, always available, always delicious.

Seafood Market Update    (updated 1/17/2018)
SALMON-We will see a big drop in Chilean prices for next week due to good production and lower demand. Let us hope this continues through Valentine’s Day. Canadian prices have been stable for the last few weeks and with the harsh weather they are having, we are not expecting any lower prices in the near future. Faroe Island and Scottish prices continue to rise. The Norwegian market has been all over the place lately.
TUNA-They are few and far between this week and the situation does not look better going into next week. There is zero domestic production and we have not seen a tuna out of Costa Rica all week. We are sourcing from Trinidad and Venezuela and the fish have been nice but of course, prices are crazy. We do have a nice shot of domestic Albacore arriving tonight from Florida.
SWORD-We got lucky and have a short trip of 50-79# fish coming from North Carolina. This is the first boat they have seen there since the New Year. Prices are down due to a lot of imported fish hitting the market so we will have great domestic fish at a decent price.
MAHI-The market dropped mid-week as fishing improved in Panama and Ecuador. Prices are not much lower than last week but still a good deal.
HALIBUT-We have a brand new shipment of farm raised fish from Norway. Prices are not inexpensive but there is still no wild production available anywhere.
LOBSTERS-Prices remained stable this week even with most of the pounds and boats frozen-in. Fortunately it is slow on the demand end for the immediate future so there is still enough to go around.
ROCKFISH-Most of the fisherman down the Bay have pulled their pound nets due to all the drifting ice and the gill netters up here in Maryland are dealing with the same issue as all the ice breaks up out of the creeks and rivers. Not many fish around but we should have enough to get through the weekend.
MAKO-We are getting a few Mako from Florida along with the Albacores so we will be offering them on the Weekend Special.
ROCKSHRIMP-The supply has actually been steady for a while and prices are way down compared to the last 6 months.
CRABMEAT-Prices crashed at the beginning of the week on Venezuelan product. Check out our prices on the Weekend Special sheet.
SHELLFISH-All sizes of hard shell clams are still an issue this week. The situation has improved but we are still only getting about 50% of what we order on littles and middles. Anything larger has been very hard to find. Our PEI mussels have been in steady supply but due to the location of our Big Ones supplier they have been very limited in what they can harvest. All varieties of oysters have been hit or miss except for a few of our farm raised suppliers that are located in the lower Chesapeake and are now almost ice free.

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