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Feature of the Week May 23, 2018


Not only pretty to look at, red snapper are very tasty and highly popular among seafood fans. Red snapper is a firm-textured fish with moist, white flesh that is delicate and mild. It can be served broiled, baked, steamed, poached, fried or grilled. Snapper skin, like flounder, and mackerel skin is delicious when cooked until crisp.
Near total collapse less than 15 years ago, the commercial red snapper fishery imposed upon itself a whole new management system that meant more predictability for fishermen and seafood businesses, better availability for customers and, most importantly, a path to sustainability for this iconic species.
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SALMON-Markets remain stable for Chilean, Canadian and European salmon. Should see some price drops going into summer.
WILD CAUGHT SALMON- Season is starting late and prices are way up right now.
TUNA-Landings are strong worldwide and prices remain good. See our direct supply from Costa Rica for example.
SWORD-Swords also in from Costa Rica - great product, great prices.
HALIBUT-Steady. We have some beautiful stock in hand all from the East Coast.
SNAPPER/GROUPER- Great supply in for the weekend, with new Black Grouper arriving from Mexico. Best bet!
CRABMEAT-Transportation has been an issue keeping prices on fresh Venezuelan jumbo up.
MAHI-Domestic season is starting to kick-in so we could see prices start to drop, but we have some beautiful Mahi coming in from Panama this weekend.
ROCKFISH-There are still big fish around but the catch is slowing down fast. Get 'em while you can.
SCALLOPS- As the boats move up and down the coast in new territories, be aware some of the U-10’s are running a little large.
SOFT SHELL CRABS-The weather has kept prices are sky high but there are crabs available.
WILD BLUE CATFISH-Still going strong before fishermen switch to Blue Crabs soon.
LOBSTERS- Lobster prices continue to drop – what a change from only 2 months ago.

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