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Feature of the Week December 5, 2018


Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch calls Arctic Char a sustainable seafood superstar! Called "Iwana" when used as sushi, Arctic Char is an excellent "Best Choice." Buyers consider Arctic char a good substitute for farm-raised salmon because it has a more delicate texture and clean, mild flavor. The high fat content in Arctic Char makes it well-suited for dry-heat cooking such as broiling and smoking.
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SALMON-Chilean prices continue to drop slowly due to steady production. Canadian prices are also on their way down.
TUNA-The market is getting weaker as the week goes on. Plenty of fish on the market and demand is low. We are still sourcing #1 and 2++ Yellowfins from Florida.
SWORD-Prices are down for this weekend but will be heading up for next week due to the weather in Florida and the fishing in Central America is slowing down.
HALIBUT-The supply has been hit-or-miss for the last couple of weeks and prices remain high. We are sourcing from both Canada and Norway to make ends meet.
ROCKFISH-The net season is now in full-swing but the catch in Maryland has been slow so far. Larger fish over 8#’s have been hard to come by and prices remain up on the 5-8# fish. The 2-4# fish are still yielding too poorly to cut.
CRABMEAT-The catch slowed down in Venezuela and a price war started between processors for the live crab so prices jumped $2.00-$3.00 per pound on jumbo lump overnight. Domestic meat is still very limited.
LOBSTERS-Prices held for this week on Canadian hard shells. The new processing season started for frozen tails and we were expecting some relief on prices - but the catch is down and with the holidays approaching we are not going to get a break.
SCALLOPS-Larger scallops continue to rise every week but 10/20’s and smaller are holding steady.
SNAPPERS-With Mexico and the southern Caribbean producing plenty of fish for this week prices are down for the weekend.
MAHI-Prices finally stopped dropping this week and we could see prices start to move north by the middle of next week if the catch slows a little.
BEST BETS-Sword, Tuna, wild Blue Cat fillet, farm raised Arctic Char fillets, Red Snapper and Mahi.

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