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Some say that baking or grilling is the only way to prepare Mahi Mahi - do you agree? Listed as a "Good Alternative" by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch List, the longline-caught Mahi from Ecuador is a great menu item. See this week's Seafood Specials for pricing on 4-12# sides.
Seafood Market Update    (updated 4/12/2017)
SALMON- Chile and Canada are holding steady on prices due to good production. Faroe’s took a jump up this week due to demand in Europe. Norwegian and Scottish markets stayed level.
HALIBUT- Due to bad weather in Alaska we had an interruption in supply that caused an increase in price but the Canadian fish filled the void. We have Alaskan fish for shipping on Thursday.
TUNA- We have a big shot of #1’s and 2++ arriving from Louisiana for the weekend; All Yellowfins.
ALBACORE AND MAKO- Disappeared!!! Gone!!! Not biting!!!
AMERICAN RED SNAPPER- Not as plentiful as last week but have enough supply to get through the weekend. Prices are up slightly.
CRABMEAT- The Venezuelan fresh market is holding steady but all pasteurized prices and supplies are getting downright ugly.
LOBSTERS- Tight supply and pricey.
MAHI MAHI- Finally a drop in price but this will not last for long as we cycle through the full moon phase.
SWORDFISH- Prices jumped up this week but they should start to soften up by the middle of next week.
POLLOCK, HADDOCK AND MONK- Decent weather and steady catches have dropped all prices for the weekend
GROUPER- Available but expensive.

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