Metropolitan Meat, Seafood and Poultry
Traceability is key to a sustainable seafood industry and Metropolitan is proud to announce its most recent partner to support that cause. "Chefs Trading" is changing the way seafood is sourced and shipped. Their vetted network of fisheries offer the opportunity to receive fish direct from the source. Each shipment comes tagged with QR Codes that provides data to reveal where and by whom the fish was caught, thereby putting full traceability on every delivery (for instance, the first batch of tuna and swordfish received was caught on longline off the West Coast of Costa Rica by Captain Edward Jimenez on his ship, the “Yurusty”).
Another advantage to this program is that the fish is flown directly to Baltimore which brings the fish to us several days earlier than other vendors.
Metropolitan is beginning the program with Tuna and Swordfish before expanding to additional products; try it today and you will see the difference!