Metropolitan Meat, Seafood and Poultry
Utilizing our tremendous network of local oyster farmers, Metropolitan is excited to kick off “Oyster Week” July 31 – August 6, 2017. Featuring oysters from the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding region, Metropolitan’s oyster menu offers taste profiles to meet every demand.
Oysters take on the flavor of the water where they’re raised. The term ‘merrior’ is used to describe the marine environment in which a particular oyster is grown. East Coast oysters tend to be saltier and brinier, while West Coast oysters tend to be a little sweeter. One can also taste the change in ‘merrior’ as oysters from the Northern part of the Chesapeake are compared to those from the Southern region.
Farmed oysters have the benefit of being vegetarian and eat only plants. Eating locally raised oysters does not add to the overfishing of wild fish or shellfish and are self-sustaining. As an adult oyster is capable of filtering 25-50 gallons of water per day, oysters actually add to improving the quality of our local waters. Both Maryland and Virginia have committed resources to support local oyster farms and through their efforts, have increased the growth of live seaweed in the bay and have helped to restore some of the other wild life and provide increased habitat for aquatic species like the blue crab.
Metropolitan Meat, Seafood and Poultry is the Mid-Atlantic’s foremost center-of-the-plate and specialty food distributor. Metropolitan has been supplying the most celebrated hotels, restaurants, caterers, country clubs, and specialty retailers since 1944. Contact your sales representative for details on the oysters available and special prices this celebratory week.